Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It is Wednesday, Hump Day!

Good Wednesday to everyone!

My day didn't start off quite like I wanted it to, but it has gotten better, not wonderful, but better. I think had I went to bed at a decent time instead of up doing damage control half the night and worrying about it the rest of the night I might have felt better today. But I really don't want to talk about that right now. We got another inch of rain last night/this morning and it looks like more is moving in.

We have a new kitten. Kinda. Bridgette our stray cat who has been living with us for the past 2 years like we are a hotel with room service, but still doesn't trust us enough to actually touch her, gave birth about 5 and a half weeks ago, but was certain we would harm it and hid it the best she could all this time. Well, last night she came out to eat and that little darling followed her! She is adorable! She is fluffy yellow with big blue eyes! (much prettier than her mommy for sure) She put up some protest when Destiny picked her up, but I think she liked the loving she got once she was held. Now our goal is to tame her so she will trust us and be part of the family or so she can go to a good home.

Jasper is growing much faster than I want him too and it is time to think about weaning him and moving him into his big boy house instead of sleeping in Mommy's bedroom. He sure is a lively fellow and gives the girls and the cats a run for their money when he is around. Heads up or you will have horns planted about mid calf! (he has outgrown the ankles) I need to take and post new pics of him since he is losing his baby hair and growing in actual fur.

Enough for now, maybe I will go out and do something exciting so I can blog about it tomorrow!

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  1. Moving Jasper out to his big boy house ?!?!?!? THAT should go well ..... hehehehehehe.