Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Duck Family!

Today I would like to talk about our ducks. Franklin, in front and center, is the ringleader of the clan. He is our only remaining original duck. We brought home him and his mate Gertrude a few years ago from a friend's farm and we have been hooked on ducks from that point on. We hatched a baby for Frank and Gertie less than a year later, Norman and they lived in the front yard as one happy little family. Unfortunately, we lost Gertie and Norman this past spring and it left Frank one lonely ole duck. Sure he had two geese to keep him company, but he needed more. So, enter in the new troops! The tall black one in the back is Lincoln, the white one is Aflac, the black one to the left is Jefferson and Rutherford is brown in the middle. They aren't anything fancy, we just picked them out of the tub at Orscheln's, but they have made Frank a much happier duck and have brought a lot of happiness to our front yard.


  1. I thought we decided the brown one was Washington, not Rutherford? Lol

  2. They are so cute!! I want some ducks!! Hubby wont go for it though lol Lucky I could talk him into chickens.

  3. All together now,

    I used to have ducks. I often miss having them!